Get up and Go - 6 package

Get up and Go - 6 package

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Get up and Go may be a funny name for a book, but it is certainly a true reflection of our lives. We’re walking along happily and with no warning life slaps us across the face so hard that we end up flat on our backs. Even Frank Sinatra sang: “That’s life!”

Get up and Go after stumbling and falling is exactly the way our lives go.

It’s with the Get up and Go that this book wants to help you. And there is no better person than Paul, who knew a lot about stumbling and falling and Get up and Go himself. Look, my first appointment when I get to heaven one day will be with Paul. He was a man who pushed his life here on earth into the red all the time.

In Get up and Go we walk with Paul through the letters he wrote to the people of Rome, Corinth, Galatia and Ephesus to help them get back up. These people were young Christians who didn’t really know how to live as children of God. In a way, we’re eavesdropping on Paul’s guidance and advice to them so that when we stumble and fall, we can know how to get up again!

I pray that walking through Get up and Go will change you, change the inside of your being, because God’s Spirit worked inside you. May you learn how to get back up again and may the knowledge you gain here help you help others to get back up.